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About EmpowerHER


Equip the Everyday Woman with how to discover HER Value as She Develops into HER Purpose. We are personal development focused, Empowering HER How to Empower Herself!

Provide the everyday woman with tools  of empowerment that will empower  HER to Own HER Difference & Win on Purpose! Through Conferences, Girl Chats, and mentorship we Create to  see HER Win!

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The total EmpowerHER Experience is designed to awaken purpose in HER. 

Through our personal develop strategies we equipped the everyday woman to WIN BIG at becoming

HER greatest self.  

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Testimonies from EmpowerHER


LaCreasha Ruffin

Lead Minister of Broken Veil Inc.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kelly Butler’s testimony during the Revive Me EmpowerHer Intensive. Her transparency was very refreshing and uplifting, and I could identify with her story. I believe all women should take the time to invest in themselves through the coaching and teaching of Kelly Butler. I believe that God has given her breakthrough strategies that will take you to the next level to own your purpose and fulfill your destiny. 


LaQuaysha Laday


Empower HER intensive was amazing! Power packed and full of energy. Kelly's session: The Power of H.E.R. was life changing. She took us through a journey of being ok with having to start from square one to identifying what God has called you to do! She bought it home for even this 41 year old , who needed to be intentional about discovering who I am! There were so many life changing nuggets that are helping me do just that, FOCUS ON ME, ON PURPOSE!!!!! 


Latoya Guzman


There was a lot of great nuggets in this intensive.

It was great to hear Pastor Kelly's journey in her healing processes. I learned that Facing my own fear and insecurities is part of the process. Pastor Kelly had to seek wise counsel.

I relearned that forgivenesses is not for the other

person it is for you. Remember Life is a journey, to discovering the authentic you. It is necessary to

H.Heal her E. Empower Her R.Revive Her.

The woman inside you is her.


Remember there is a process to discovering the woman GOD has called you to be.

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