H.E.R. Nation


H.E.R. Nation exists to Revive and EmpowerHER Lead”HER”ship. We offer networking events that will create opportunities for growth and development, serving, and building HER

to Win in Life's Purpose. 


As a member of H.E.R Nation, you will receive up to 20% discounts on merch, conferences, events, and classes.

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The membership to H.E.R. Nation offers lots of fun and exciting events and tools.

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iLead H.E.R. is an opportunity for women to grow in their leadership capacity. Gaining training and tools, to help you serve well as you walk in Lead"HER"ship. We equip, empower and inspire, women how to win in leading.


The H.E.R. Experience - Our Yearly Gala Experience, food, fun, fellowship, giveaways, and more with our H.E.R. Nation community women leaders.   

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H.E.R. Huddle - join us every Tuesday at noon for a time of motivation, activation & prayer for the week.


H.E.R. Network - Classy social gathering that builds connection with other leaders, fun opportunities for growth and development with powerhouse speakers, giveaways, and more.


iSupport H.E.R. Business - 10% of our membership proceeds supports one of our community women in business. We are all about empowering HER. Financial support is always a win to support women in business.